Saturdays in Athens As Told By Kevin Hart

As a major part of the University of Georgia’s culture, most students can relate to the game day routine in our beautiful city. Fans from all around the state and nation travel miles, flooding the lanes of 316, to join this culture and experience the beloved “Saturday in Athens.” If you’ve been here before, you know this feeling. The excitement that rushes from deep inside your bones when you hear the first “GOOO…” at kickoff is the same excitment that you get when you see that red jersey and silver britches fly into the end zone and fuels you to throw four fingers into the air at the sound of Redcoat Band’s “Krypton.” And if this, ladies and gentlemen, is something you have not experienced yet, I pray you make it into Athens soon. Until then, allow me to give you a little insight to our culture in the best way I know how: through the lens of the hysterical, and totally relatable, comedian Kevin Hart. Welcome to game days in Athens.

Your alarm goes off and you rise out of bed like


Get up it’s game day!

You get ready and start walking to your tailgate with 92,000 of your newest friends. 


Complete strangers, of course. But you love every single person wearing red and black.

Passing the enemies like


Whether they’re wearing purple, crimson, blue, or hideous orange, you warn them with your eye contact.

Finally reaching your tailgate and it’s time to start partying with friends


Ain’t nothin’ finer in the land

You reach the student gate and the line is really long, so you ease your way into the middle and end up beside “that guy.” You’re forced to laugh at his jokes so he doesn’t kick you to the back of the line. 


“Yeah man, that’s hilarious!” When is this gate going to open…

First come first served seating. Someone tries to take your friends’ seats so you look at them like


Sorry Pal. Dawg eat dawg student section.

When they announce the starting line up you look to your friend and whisper


Chill bumps cover your body.

 Georgia drives and scores


Commence victory dance.

You swear Nick Chubb just looked past your eyes into your soul from the end zone


Call me later, Nick. I know you’re busy at the moment.

Some girl that doesn’t understand the game (and probably doesn’t even care) is talking while we’re on offense


Hopefully the next drive she takes the hint.

It’s fourth and inches so you lean in to get a better look to see if he got the first down.


We all remember 4th and inches the refs gave South Carolina last year. Can’t trust em.

When the opponent scores and you try to distract the kicker during the PAT


Blasted! He saw through my distraction.

Other Coach is pitching a fit and you look at him like


He was totally in bounds! Want some cheese with that wine?

Someone on the field tries to start a fight with Nick Chubb, so naturally we respond


You don’t want to make that mistake.


dawgs win

As expected.

You see a salty fan of the other team downtown tryin the dawgs and he brings up Todd’s suspension


Those are serious fighting words.

Then he stands up out of his chair and you realize how much size he’s got on you, so you look at your friends like


Thank the sweet Lord Jesus you have tall and calm tempered friends.

They pull you away and out of the bar and you look back at him and have one last word. 


Then run. Quickly.

Everyone is buying drinks downtown but


So I gotta switch it to my checkin’, but it take 3-5 business days. I don’t think it’s gonna go through.

So you just take a water then dance and celebrate with the rest of Dawg Nationreal

Dawgs on Top, always.


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